Red Maple

Red Eagle Ohio Bourbon is 90 proof and distilled in our pot still with our proprietary blend of Northeast Ohio corn, wheat and barley. We use medium char 25 gallon American Oak barrels from Kelvin Cooperage in Kentucky.  Our current bourbon offerings are aged two and three years.  As time progresses we will offer older vintages.


Bourbon's spicier cousin, rye, has seen a resurgence in recent years.  Our 90 proof rye is made from a blend of Ohio rye, malted barley, and corn.  Similar to our bourbon, Red Eagle Rye is aged at least two years and will see longer aging periods in the future.


Red Eagle Distillery

Our Vodka is distilled from grapes from South River Winery and is barrel aged, giving it a unique taste compared to vodka from grain or potatoes.

Our brandy is an enticing blend of the smoothness of grape spirit and the complexity added by the aging process.  Aged for at least two years in our own bourbon barrels, our brandy is a distinctive alternative to more mainstream brown spirits.  Whether you prefer it neat, over ice, or in a cocktail, Red Eagle brandy is an excellent local addition to your liquor collection.

A true original.  That's our Red Maple.  Distilled from Ohio-sourced maple syrup then aged two years in barrels, Red Maple blends subtle oaky notes with maple characteristics on the finish.  It sips beautifully and is a great substitute in your favorite whiskey and rum cocktails.  Special thanks to Bissell Maple Farm in Jefferson for making a wonderful product that helped us to create our Red Maple.